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JavaScript OR HTML/CSS?

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JavaScript OR HTML/CSS? Empty Sun 29 Sep - 5:22



To make your own games, apps, and interactive websites, etc.

HTML is like the bones of your webpage,
and CSS is putting skin, and mackup over it Smile

Which is harder to learn?


JavaScript OR HTML/CSS? Empty Tue 1 Oct - 15:51



CSS and HTML is easier to me than JS. JS isn't so hard, but to me it is.

CSS and HTML is easie, if you know basics you know all, just small "upgredes" on your knowlage.
I don't know JS (just a little), and I think it is hard. But I'm not trying to learn that a lot... Smile


JavaScript OR HTML/CSS? Empty Wed 2 Oct - 0:44



Javascript is the hardest one out of the three examples given. I find it difficult to get my head around, but I do manage. With the game side of things, you actually make your own objects as such, but I suppose you need to work out how to use the codes alongside each other.

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JavaScript OR HTML/CSS? Empty

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